Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chocolate Carrot top Cupcakes

These cupcakes were soo fun to make. I can't remember  what website I saw this on but seeing that Easter is so close, I had to make these! My 5 year old daughter Ericka loves to plant any kind of seeds from apples (her favorite) to cucumbers, to carrots, to green peppers. So she was right by my side while I was putting these cupcakes together.

You will need:
Chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate cream filled cookies
Orange and green buttercream icing

Icing bag or Ziploc bag
tip #2a
Ziploc bag (for cookies)
Butter knife
Ok lets make these babies!

Take the cupcakes, score a circle in the center

Scoop out the center into a cone shape using a butter knife

Do not throw away (or eat) the center piece just yet

 Then take your chocolate filled cookies, place them in a Ziploc bag and crush them, I used a rolling pin.

 Icing the top of the cupcake, not the center

Place the center back in and sprinkle the crushed cookies all over to cover the chocolate icing. This is your "potting soil"

Now lets make the carrots! Take your orange icing bag, with your #2a piping tip, start at the bottom of the hole, begin squeezing the bag, filling and pulling up out of the hole. All the way up til you have a small mound on top. 

I then just took some green buttercream in a Ziploc bag cut a tiny hole in the corner and just squeezed and pulled up three time to make the carrot leaves.
I also made little tags labeled, carrots!

Then I was curious to see how it looked in the center, so I cut it down the center...

Oh well, lol